Growing Together

Looking ahead & How you can get involved

As of 1 August 2024, Play Sense will no longer be operationally managing micro schools, instead we will be supporting educators of all descriptions to execute excellent education, with our new proprietary educational offerings: 

play sense explore

Play-Based Toddler Education

Our online ‘home school’ curriculum, tailor-made for parents, nannies and all caregivers presents the opportunity for all children to have an enriched start to education, from 2 to 5 years old (including school readiness).

Play Sense Explore offers engaging activities to keep little ones involved while establishing a solid foundation for their future formal education. As of June 2024, parents can now also access this via the Parent Sense Vodacom, reaching millions of preschoolers through Africa. 

We aim to reach 2,5 million children in the next few years. If impact is your focus, you may want to Invest in the future of all children’s education reach out now.

Powered by Play Sense

We support your school!

Enabling schools through a white labelled school admin system or using our teacher training and curriculum, ensures we cover the admin and support education goals. Elevate your playgroup or school or start your own successful play school with our specialized full 11-themed curriculum. This allows you to benefit from our expertise whilst doing that you do best – TEACH! We offer flexible subscription options, so you only access what you need. 

We are dedicated to making quality education accessible, and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you. If you are an educator, MANDY is waiting answer your questions and bring you an easier way to run your school.

Ongoing learning with Play Sense

SACE Accredited

Upskill yourself or your teachers by signing up for one of our SACE accredited masterclasses and boost your skills and access practical tools to implement in the classroom.

How You Can Get Involved

Growing the Play Sense Community

  • We are exploring grants and non-dilutive funding opportunities to support our various pilots and overall growth journey. 
  • We are open to equity investment as well as strategic partnerships to scale our impact.  
  • If you know someone who could be interested in learning more about these opportunities, please connect us: [email protected] or forward this newsletter.