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Play Sense combines an award-winning play-based program, with a unique microschool model to give toddlers the best start to their learning journey. Our innovative program uses play to develop the super skills that children need to thrive. Join Play Sense and watch your toddler flourish.

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Inspired learning for 2 – 5-year-olds developed by experts & loved by little ones!

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Why learning through play?

Toddlers are at the most exciting developmental stage. The problem with many traditional playschools is that in these large groups with unstructured free-play or a ‘skills’ focussed curriculum the real needs of the pre-schooler are not catered for. Research has proven that guided imaginary play is the best way children age 2 to 5 learn language, socialisation, and self-regulation.  

Play Sense’s evidence-based program is designed to develop these and other important skills like empathy, focus, collaboration, and creativity in a fun, engaging way. With these super skills in place, children can go on to have a meaningful learning journey and lifelong success.

Join the home-based program that works
for you and your little one

Join a micro-playschool in your area of 6 or less children. Small groups offer your little one the socialisation and individual attention they need.

Micro-playschools are hosted in Play Sense family homes where little ones feels safe. Join a group or host a new group in your neighbourhood.

Engaging, creative Play Sense teachers bring the magic back to learning and will guide your little one in exploring our award-winning program.

Your Play Sense teacher provides the Play Kit - a comprehensive kit of toys and tools needed for the program

Micro-playschools meet 3 to 5 mornings a week to explore, discover & play!

Read up more about this program, or find the perfect group for your little one now!

Join an online micro-playschool and make new friends from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Connect daily with your Play Sense teacher who is specially trained to engage little ones online.

You, your nanny, au pair or other childcare provider joins in the fun and learning, 5 mornings a week. Your Play Sense teacher is on-hand to guide and support you through the program.

Create a closer bond with your little one while they develop core capacities through play using Play Sense’s award-winning program.

Join a community of like-minded families with Play Sense Online.

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Join Play Sense Homeschool and get over 440 play-based activities across 11 fun monthly themes.

Activities, checklists, and extra resources are prepared and planned for you. No more searching the internet wondering whether you are giving your toddler the stimulation they need to develop optimally.

Your Homeschool Community Mentor is available to you to help you get the most out of the program. You can count on her support to answer any questions about the curriculum, resolve technical issues and more.

Activities are simple to do, require minimal supplies, and can be done at a time that fits into your existing routine.

Join the Homeschool community of other moms & dads to connect, share ideas and experiences.


Our all-important make-believe play develops a unique and essential set of super skills in toddlers. With Play Sense play-to-learn program, you are helping your child grow into a resilient, self-regulated, powerful little being.


Play Sense programs are inspired by the evidence into the benefits of imaginary play in young children. Our programs give you peace of mind that your child’s developmental needs are being met. And that they're having a blast while learning!


Play Sense unique, exciting curriculum is recognised for it's unmatched creativity. Both in it's expert designed and innovative model, but also because of it's power to ignite the inherent creativity in teachers and little ones.


We believe that genuine connection is essential in developing super skills. Both Play Sense In-home and Online programs give your child a safe space to connect with our exceptional Play Sense teachers and make new little friends.

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Play Sense gives Teachers, Therapists, Childcare providers, and Playschools the chance to re-imagine early childhood education and set a new standard with our award-winning play-based program. Find out more about becoming a Play Sense teacher.

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