Play Sense has a program for every family - find your perfect fit and let the fun & learning begin!


Play Sense micro-playschools are a home away from home for 6 children or less. You can be sure that your little one is getting the socialisation and individual attention they need in small, safe groups where they are free to be themselves and explore their unique potential. 

Engaging, creative Play Sense teachers bring the magic back to learning and will guide your little one in exploring our science-backed accredited play-to-learn program. Give your little one the best start to learning with Play Sense today! 


Play Sense Online is the best of both worlds. You & your little one make new friends and explore our incredible program with the support of an incredible Play Sense teacher from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

Play Sense Online teachers are specially trained to engage little ones online. They are there to support you as you work through the daily activities with your little one.  Perfect for toddlers at home with mom or a caregiver, join our Online program for supported play-based learning at home.  


Play Sense Homeschool is packed with over 440 play-based activities across 11 fun monthly themes, book lists, free resources, shopping lists and planners to keep your little one playing and learning at home.  

The easy-to-use program is fun and flexible so you can fit it into your existing routine and maximise quality time with your toddler. Say goodbye to trying to find ways to keep your toddler occupied – Play Sense Homeschool is the perfect way to optimise your little one’s development and get them learning ready .


Our all-important imaginary play develops a unique and essential set of super skills and core capacities in toddlers. With Play Sense play-to-learn programs, you are helping your child grow into a resilient, self-regulated, powerful little being.


Play Sense programs are inspired by the evidence into the benefits of imaginary play in young children. Our programs give you peace of mind that your child’s developmental needs are being met and that they're having a blast!


Play Sense unique, exciting curriculum is backed by science and recognised for it's unmatched creativity. It's expertly designed to ignite the inherent creativity in teachers and little ones and bring the magic back to learning.


Play Sense programs harness the power of relationship to optimise development. Whether it's between a parent and toddler, an exceptional teacher, a caregiver or little friends - we learn better when we learn together.

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