Let's join Meg as she tackles toddlerhood's trickiest topics: sleep, potty training, discipline, screen time, and playdates!

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COST: R150

Tired of tantrums and endless bedtime battles? Join Meg, a leading expert in early childhood development, in our interactive workshop, “Mastering Toddlerhood.” Gain the tools and strategies you need to navigate the joys and challenges of toddlerhood with confidence.

This workshop is designed for parents seeking practical knowledge and solutions for their little ones. Whether you’re battling sleep problems, facing picky eaters, or struggling with potty training, Meg will equip you with proven techniques to create a more peaceful and positive experience for the whole family.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Sleep Secrets: Understand toddler sleep patterns, tackle common sleep issues, and learn the importance of naps for a well-rested child.
  • Feeding Fundamentals: Discover strategies to manage mealtimes, address picky eating habits, and ensure a balanced diet for your toddler.
  • Potty Training 101: Learn the signs of readiness and develop a personalized plan for a smooth potty training transition.
  • Discipline Dos and Don’ts: Discover effective ways to manage toddler behavior while fostering cooperation and building a strong foundation.
  • Tech Tips for Tots: Navigate the complex world of screen time for toddlers. Learn how to create healthy habits and leverage technology for positive development.


Benefits of attending

Get practical, actionable advice from an early childhood development expert.

Leave with proven strategies to address sleep, feeding, potty training, discipline, and screen time challenges.

Create a more harmonious and enjoyable experience for you and your toddler.

Gain confidence in your ability to navigate toddlerhood effectively.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and practical tools you need to thrive during this exciting yet challenging stage of your child’s development.

Meet the Speaker: Meg Faure

Meg is an OT & the author of the Sense Series, including the best selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books. She specialises in Sensory Integration and is passionate about supporting parents to raise confident, well-adjusted little beings.