Healthy Snacks Webinar

Attention all parents and caregivers!

Are you looking for ways to keep your little ones fueled and satisfied during the day? Do you struggle with packing healthy and tasty lunches for your toddler? 

We have the perfect solution for you!

Join us for an informative talk on the ” Healthy snack time and lunchbox ideas for toddlers” led by Clinical Paediatric Dietician and author, Kath Megaw.

Kath is the founder of Nutripaeds and an expert in the field of nutrition. She holds four medical degrees and co-authored the best-selling books, Weaning Sense and Allergy Sense with Meg Faure. As a regular speaker and media guest, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the subject. 

During the talk, our expert will guide you through the process of packing energy-dense, bite-sized snacks that will appeal to your toddler’s taste buds while providing the nutrients they need to power through their busy days. We’ll also discuss ways to accommodate food allergies and create a well-rounded and nutritious lunch.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and gain valuable insights into the best practices for packing a healthy and delicious lunch for your toddler. 

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