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Live Webinar: Sensory Strategies for Intentional Teaching - A deep dive into children across the sensory threshold & how to help them soar

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There are few things more gratifying than seeing a little one blossom under your care and guidance. And although no two children are the same, all little ones have a sensory personality that holds the key to unlocking their unique potential.  

As a teacher, you’re likely to have quiet, reserved little ones in your care as well as boisterous little balls of energy.  What strategies can you use to be an intentional teacher to personalities on opposite ends of the sensory threshold?

Sensory strategies for intentional teaching: A deep dive into children across the sensory threshold & how to help them soar is the latest Masterclass by OT, author & early years specialist, Meg Faure. In this Masterclass, Meg will unpack the 2 main sensory thresholds: sensory seekers and sensitive little ones. She will delve into the magic and challenges that come with each & share practical strategies for coping with busy little ones and sensitive indigo children.  

Leave this Masterclass with a deeper understanding of how sensory thresholds impact learning and the know-how to support each child to play, learn and have fun!    


Here’s more of what is in store:  

  • Learn about how a child’s sensory threshold affects their perception of the world 
  • Understand both sensory seeking and sensitive children’s behaviour challenges  
  • A guide on how to bring the magic of learning to life for each personality  
  • Creating and managing the sensory environment  
  • Your role as a co-regulator 


Meg will also share how Play Sense equips teachers to run their own nurturing play-based play schools. Are you ready to use your love of teaching to open your own business?  Join the Masterclass to find out more about all the perks of a fulfilling part-time business and making a profit.  

Book your place now and BOOST your skills as an exceptional teacher to little ones. It’s FREE to attend – we will see you there! 

Our Speakers

Meg Faure

Meg is an Occupational Therapist & Co-founder of Play Sense - a play-based program designed to optimise toddler development. She is a best-selling author and co-author of the Sense series and revered parenting expert.