What you get

Play Sense provides training, group set up and administration for teachers. With a Play Sense license, you get:

  • A zero risk business opportunity – once you are trained, the Play Sense organisation will arrange a group for you to teach, within your geographical area.
  • You will earn a salary from the first month of your business running.
  • You will be allocated to a venue in a host home (one of the parents) with low overheads.
  • There are no monthly expenses in this play school system. You buy the equipment once off and the costs of consumable products, such as school lunches, paint and art equipment are shared by the parents.
  • Training in the principles and Play Plan of the Play Sense 2 to 3 programme is provided before you start teaching a group. This involves 30 contact hours.
  • The curriculum and all lessons are pre-planned. You receive access to the curriculum monthly.
  • Play Sense handles all administration and invoicing. The invoice is made in your name and school fees are paid into your account.
  • Play Sense manages the growth of your group by allocating children to your group until you are running at capacity (6 children).
  • Mornings only job – 8am – 12:30 including set up and clean up time, working up to 5 days a week.
  • You are part of a learning community, with support. You will also receive free quarterly training on a topic relating to toddlers.
  • Earn a salary based on days:
Number of childrenNumber of daysIncome*
33R10 500
4R10 800
5R11 700
43R13 200
4R13 600
5R14 800
Number of childrenNumber of daysIncome*
5**3R15 500
4R16 000
5R17 500
6**3R17 400
4R18 000
5R19 800

* Salary may vary in outlying areas

Investment and Costs

Invest in your own franchise business with all the support of the Play Sense Organisation.
Your investment is as follows:

Cost of training and certificationInitial training in Play Sense certificationR10 7001
Cost of equipmentSet-up and purchase of Play Sense equipmentR16 050
Monthly costsR500 rent to host parent for 5 or more children**
Monthly license feeMarketing, training, admin and support20% of turnover

1. Payment terms negotiable