We are thrilled to open our In-Home playschools to old and new little friends!

Play Sense playschools are hosted in a family home where a trained Play Sense teacher leads small groups of little ones through the program in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our playschools are small, controlled groups, with no more than 6 children per playschool - drastically reducing the spread of germs and infection. All our teachers and parents are committed to adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.

As a Play Sense parent, you can offer to host a group or join a group in your area.

Pins are dropped near a school not at the exact street for privacy reasons. Click on the pin to get details of the group

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  • Application fee R220 (deducted from placement fee upon enrolment)
  • Placement fee: R2200
  • Monthly Fees: This will depend on the area the Play Sense Playschool is in and on how many days your child attends the program. Please contact us on [email protected] requesting the pricing for your region.

Play Sense will

  • Set up a group in your area
  • Oversee the quality of your little one’s early education
  • Allocate a Play Sense certified teacher to your group


  • Your Play Sense teacher is responsible for providing the Play Kit - a comprehensive kit of toys and tools needed for the program.
  • Parents are requested to provide a small selection of consumables when they join the program, for example, art items as such as crayons and glue, or hygiene items such as tissues and plasters.
  • Additional minor expenses for consumables and baking may be levied.