Re-imagining Early Childhood Education

WEBINAR | Re-imagining Early Childhood Education

Discover new opportunities and reward as an ECD teacher.

There is a renewed appreciation for the incredible role that teachers play in shaping little hearts and minds. Now is the time to harness your passion for teaching and be fairly rewarded for it. In this webinar, we share what teacher-led, child-centred education looks like and what opportunities are available to you to have a better income and work-life balance doing what you love – teaching!

If you are a teacher, therapist, or experienced childcare worker, join us for this free webinar and reimagine your career with Play Sense.
Our Speakers

Meg Faure

Occupational Therapist & Co-founder of Play Sense

Meg is an esteemed parenting expert and best-selling author and co-author of the Sense series. Meg is passionate about supporting moms & dads in their parenting journey. 

Lara Schoenfeld

Occupational Therapist & Co-founder of Play Sense

Lara is a regarded speaker and lecturer. She is passionate about the neuroscience of learning in children under 5 and develops Play Sense’s propriety curriculum.
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