Your toddler will love to sing along to these catchy songs and enjoy the rhythm of each tune. With an imaginary play focus – from Dinosaurs to Queens, these songs will ignite the imagination encouraging little ones to pretend. Developed by a Teacher and Occupational Therapist the words focus on concepts such as spatial and number concept so that your toddler will learn while having fun.


I'm a Fisherman

Encourages imaginary play in the ocean using the roles of fisherman, biologist, ship's captain, pirate and scuba diver.

Five Little Fishes Swimming in the Sea

Encourages imaginary play of swimming and chasing other 'fish'. Teaches number concept and subtraction

Tractor on the Farm

Teaches concepts and language around the farm theme. Ignites imagination about animals and life on the farm.

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

Play imaginary games to do with a doctor's work.

In the Jungle

Learning about the names of the jungle animals.

I'm a little Aeroplane

Develop imagination while learning about the parts and actions of planes as they fly.

Fireman Song

Teaches the sequence of a fireman's day and concepts such as height, hot and cold.

Worm to a Butterfly

Teaches concepts about the butterfly’s life cycle while encouraging imaginary play as a caterpillar and butterfly.

Climb Aboard the Spaceship

Learn about going to the moon in a rocket. Play imaginary games while also learning to count backwards.

Dinosaur Stomp

Teaches the names of the dinosaurs and spatial concepts of up and down.

Kings and Queens

Imaginary play song while learning the outfits, roles and activities in court.

The Eskimo

Teaches concepts about Eskimos and snow, where they live, their pets and what they eat.

Dinosaur Stomp CD