22nd Jun 2020

We’re reimagining education, will you join us

CONTRIBUTOR: Meg Faure Occupational Therapist, Co-Founder of Play Sense, Author of Sense Series (June 2020) Dear parents, The human imagination is our greatest ally and secret weapon. It is the root of innovation and survival in many ways, creating solutions […]
8th Jun 2020

Play as a panacea

CONTRIBUTOR: Lara Schoenfeld Occupational Therapist, Co-Founder of Play Sense, Founder of Nanny ‘n Me (June 2020) Many educators and parents would agree that play = learning. But during the coronavirus crisis, I think it is crucial to address how enabling […]
29th Jan 2020

“I do it myself!”

CONTRIBUTOR: Jana Vos Play Sense, Parktown North/Parkhurst, Johannesburg (August 2019) The importance of allowing toddlers to do things independently Not long after a toddler starts talking – whether it’s in understandable words or whether it takes a while to figure […]
19th Jul 2019

The Importance of Supporting Relationships and Attachment in the Early Years

WRITTEN BY: Antoinette Horrell We are born to connect. As human beings we are relational, and we need biological, emotional and psychological connection with others. We learn how to connect and create the patterns we form during our infancy and […]
4th Jun 2018

Observational Learning

CONTRIBUTOR: Jessica Coleman (BAppSocSci) Child Counsellor & Play Sense Teacher (Constantia)   Observational Learning is exactly what it sounds like; learning through an observation of someone else performing a task… and your toddler is doing it right now! As your toddler […]