19th May 2018

Play for the Future

Looking into a crystal ball, would be great to see the jobs of the future. And what would these be? The only real clues we have is that those jobs are unlikely to be ones that can be automated – […]
26th Apr 2018


We are often asked about what to do about a little one who is biting frequently. It is usually the parent of the biter who flags it because there is nothing worse than feeling like your little one is being […]
20th Jun 2017

Healthy Snack Recipes

Snack time is an important part of the Play Sense day, because we believe that not only do little ones eat better when sharing a ‘meal’ together, but also benefit socially. It is recommended that unless there are allergies to […]
25th Jan 2017

Technology and Tots

Embracing technology is essential in this day and age and I am certainly pro having kids learn to use technology in education. The question is “at what age should encourage our little ones to engage with screens?” Because babies engage […]
25th Jan 2017

Potty Training

When it comes to parenting advice, potty training is one of the most searched topics on the Internet. The reason is that most parents wonder how on earth their little one will transition from the ease of disposable nappies. In […]
25th Jan 2017

Toddler Sense

As much fun as toddlers are and as cute as they can be, toddlers have a really bad reputation and almost every mum approaches the toddler years with fear and trepidation. How bad will the ‘terrible twos’ be and when […]
25th Jan 2017

Sleep: Toddler Boundaries

Whether you battled your way through sleep deprivation in the first year of your baby’s life or if you were gifted with a little one who slept through early, you may well be in for a turbulent time in the […]
25th Jan 2017

Managing Temper Tantrums

There are few parenting moments that are more embarrassing than the veritable toddler temper tantrum in the isle of your local supermarket. As your toddler throws himself down, screeching and banging his head you know that every on-looker is judging […]